our favorites of 2023 - recapping "a year of growth" with resources & highlights
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a year of growth
2023 has been a year of growth for rootid. This year, our team went through a productive strategic planning process and took time to develop intentional structures & practices that aligned with our values and focused on building our community, expanding our capacity, and strengthening our communications. By “walking our talk” and embodying our liberatory values, we were able to reshape our vision for impact based on the needs of our community and explore new projects, products & offerings to support organizations and the people doing the work.

As we look back at this year (and the previous 12 that brought us to this point), we are even more dedicated to our mission, understanding that connection is the key to communications, and behind every screen, there are people who use the tools we create to connect to organizations that are impacting their lives.

With that in mind, we are excited to announce that 2024 will be a transformative year for rootid, as we unveil our updated mission statement, product offerings, community events and a new website that represents our growth and vision.

We invite you to please stay rooted in this work with us — but most importantly, stay connected.
rootid events in the numbers
our favorite events
rootid's 12th Anniversary Happy Hour
This year, we celebrated 12 years of rootid with a family-friendly happy hour at  NIDO's BackYard in Oakland. The event featured great tacos and great conversations with our community members in the Bay Area who joined us in-person to meet our team and learn more about our origin story.
USC Cohort + MiniSummit
On Saturday, September 31, 2023, rootid facilitated a mini summit for over 30+ community-based organizations and nonprofits as the closing event of our Oakland Department of Violence Prevention’s mini grant cohort with Urban Strategies Council (USC). The summit, titled “Power Mapping for Partnerships” provided a space for building connections. Read More
ComNet23 in Atlanta
The Communications Network Annual Conference (ComNet23) was held in Atlanta, GA this past September, featuring impactful and transformative ideas, insights, inspirations and fun activities for strategic communications professionals. Learn more about our experience at the 3 day event featuring various learning activities, workshops, and community building events.
“rootid's knowledge, skills, and thoughtfulness made a huge project feel not only manageable, but also exciting! We could not have asked for better partners or for better results - we are so proud of our refreshed brand and new website!”
Arianna Rosales, Senior Communications Manager
National Immigration Project

our favorite resources
For organizations striving to make a lasting impact and foster meaningful connections with their audiences
For organizations developing a strategic communications plan that increases engagement by centering people, values, & data
For organizations who want to improve team alignment around culture, communications and capacity
2024 rootid community survey
Last Call -  We've begun planning for our 2024 community offerings and events and would love to know which topics and products sound the most interesting and relevant to your work. Please share your thoughts below & let us know how we can provide impactful support for you and your community.
be in community with us
As a fully remote organization, it's rare that we get to share space in person with our partners and peers. So we've decided - we're coming to you! Rootid will be hosting in-person networking meet-ups for thought partnership, solution room style discussions, and strategic community building in 2024.
coaching & consulting for individuals & teams
From organizational decision-making processes, to identity and biases recognition, we invite you to explore how your personal, professional & organizational values align with your day-to-day communications practices.
Let's Talk!

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we are rooted in community.
In partnership, we co-design necessary spaces for strategic thinking, sustainability & growth—using communications & technology as vehicles to advance equity.

We join with others, envisioning a world where those most impacted are prioritized & communications & technology are used to heal & empower rather than divide. Learn more about our team.
Interested in supporting our community engagement work? rootid now has a fiscally sponsored project with the Rose Foundation.

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