In this month's newsletter we wanted to feature a variety of resources and opportunities with the aim of helping you accomplish your goals.
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back-to-school already?!
(well...for some of us)
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Giving people what they need for where they are is the definition of what it means to be equitable.

rootid, we recognize and elevate the significance of equitable access to resources and opportunities. The pursuit of tools and practices that prioritize belonging makes us all better in the long run. The beautiful thing about resources is that they can be anything;
from people to facilities to information—they are whatever you need to achieve your goal.

In this month's newsletter we wanted to feature a variety of resources and opportunities with the aim of helping you accomplish your goals.
in this edition

  • Partner Org Highlights
  • Upcoming Events
  • #wearerootid
    New Program: Memberships for Individuals & Organizations

new series coming this september
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2022 has reached the halfway point and and rootid is continuing to elevate the conversation around what it means to truly show up for members of the community. Classism, sizeism; ableism; there is no shortage of social-isms. However, there are many other social "-isms" that plague our society and interfere with the everyday lives of many people.
Rootid is pleased to announce our upcoming Allyship Series taking place during the month of September. This three session series will provide a safe space to further explore:

  • what it means to show up for others
  • how to recover when you inevitably say the wrong thing
  • how nonprofit philanthropy still needs work
  • the difference between allyship and solidarity

We know that this can be a sensitive area for some, so we are bringing in a panel of experts to ground us as we move through this series and provide attendees with the tools, wording and practices to allow you to show up for yourself and others.

1 Ticket for 3 events: Reserve Your Virtual Seat

ICYMI (in case you missed it)
Special thanks to Joel Valencia of Evergreen Collective for leading a great roundtable contextualizing end of year giving to your organization's size and bandwidth. In our solutions-style room, attendees explored practical steps to developing a successful end of year campaign. We also reviewed common scenarios and tips around end of year giving and attendees left with a viable list of resource and strategies to maximize EOY campaigns. Here are some links to great resources

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books & podcasts
staff spotlight: ian madrigal
they/them | communications strategist & facilitator
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What do you do at rootid?
I am a Communications Strategist and Facilitator. I work with clients to tailor their messaging to the audiences they most want to reach. We work together to go through existing written and creative content, and I also develop and facilitate narrative workshops.

Which of rootid's values resonates with you most?
Fearless curiosity is something I find very important in my life - being willing to take risks and experiment is what allows us to take those big leaps forward.

What is your favorite thing about working at rootid?
It is great to have such a support team that works very horizontally, trusting each person to lead in their area of expertise. I also love the wide variety of clients I have been able to work with so far. There is always a new challenge to tackle.

Please share something that you admire/appreciate about a fellow rootid team member.
I appreciate Mabel's stable and calming presence. She is always very kind and down-to-earth.

Share a lesson learned from your work with clients here at rootid?
I always learn so much from our clients about their organizing base, targets, and opposition. The detail and nuance that only they know really helps to hone my messaging work and integrate the insider knowledge with an outsider eye.

What’s your all-time favorite book?
The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy

What’s your favorite holiday?
New Year's. It really helps to define different periods in life, especially these days.

What is your superpower?

What would you name the autobiography of your life?
"The Man Behind the Monocle" (lol)
partner organizations
One thing we love about our community is that it is filled with organizations that are connecting individuals to opportunities to strengthen their overall quality of life. This month we are spotlighting some of our partners who continue to make an impact on others.

green coffee mug to the let of a laptop with thumbnails of zoom participants all on top of a red, wood table
upcoming events

3-Part Series: Each session is 2 hours, all times are in Pacific.
Allyship & You
September 9, 10am & September 15, 9am & September 29, 9am
Cost: If you have the means to contribute, please pay what you can.

1/2 Day Virtual Event
Nonprofit Technology Summit: October 6, 2022
9am-12:30pm PT
Cost: FREE
Nonprofits will explore, share and learn with peers how to leverage technology to increase staff bandwidth and the impact of their work.
9am - 11am PT
Cost: FREE
Nonprofits will explore best practices around preparing for ever changing campaign planning by focusing on the development of knowledge management, documentation and addressing the “Why's, How's & What's” of our organizations.
did you know we have a community membership now?
yearlong, affordable professional development & capacity building support
for individuals, organizations, coalitions, foundation & cohorts
we want to hear from you!
How can rootid help you follow through on your commitments to equity?
What communications topics are you interested in learning more about?

Send us an email...hello(AT)
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we are rooted in community.
In partnership, we co-design necessary spaces for strategic thinking, sustainability & growth—using communications & technology as vehicles to advance equity.

We join with others, envisioning a world where those most impacted are prioritized & communications & technology are used to heal & empower rather than divide. Learn more about our team.
Interested in supporting our community engagement work? rootid now has a fiscally sponsored project with the Rose Foundation.

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