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rootid has summer treats for you
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happy birthday
nelson mandela!

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others.”
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staff goodbye: a poem by sia magadan
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Through this verse, my message I'll convey,
Announcing my departure, come what may.
For within these lines, I'll try to express,
The memories made and the bond we possess.

Oh, the days we shared, the laughter we heard,
Moments of triumph, where our spirits soared.
Together we stood, through thick and thin,
A community united, let the echoes begin.

But as seasons change and time moves on,
I find myself singing a different song.
An opportunity knocks, a path yet unknown,
It's time for me to spread my wings and be flown.

So, let this rhyme be my farewell decree,
A chapter ends, but appreciation remains key.
With gratitude, I'll look back and see,
The organization that brought out the best in me.

From Team rootid
It is with heavy hearts and joyful spirits that we say goodbye to our Director of Community Engagement & Fundraising, Sia Magadan as she moves onto her next professional chapter.

Sia began as a client, rootid event attendee, and cohort participant in 2019— beginning to co-facilitate roundtables and workshops throughout the COVID years and eventually transitioning into a full time position.

On behalf of all of team rootid, we appreciate you Sia, and wish you well as you return to the education sector that you so love.

You will be missed.
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The deadline to transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA 4) is fast approaching!

In the rush to get GA 4 set up on your website, preserving your historical Universal Analytics data is often overlooked. Google has already announced that it won’t store historical data forever and the timeline before they erase all of it is just around the corner...

Now what?! Continue reading or message Andrew(AT)
Green circle with white letters on top that reads Kpis and white supremacy Characteristics
This cohort is not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about building meaningful connections with a network of like-minded women who are passionate about personal and professional growth.

Together, we will uplift and inspire each other, forming lifelong bonds that extend beyond the program. These sessions will be facilitated by rootid team members Val Neumark (she/they) and Anjali Mehta (she/her) and will take place over Zoom.
upcoming events

coaching & consulting for individuals & teams
From organizational decision-making processes, to identity and biases recognition, we invite you to explore how your personal, professional & organizational values align with your day-to-day communications practices.
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we are rooted in community.
In partnership, we co-design necessary spaces for strategic thinking, sustainability & growth—using communications & technology as vehicles to advance equity.

We join with others, envisioning a world where those most impacted are prioritized & communications & technology are used to heal & empower rather than divide. Learn more about our team.
Interested in supporting our community engagement work? rootid now has a fiscally sponsored project with the Rose Foundation.

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